our vision of

global happiness.

the PHILANTHROPISTA collective is an international network consisting of social purpose enterprises, public trusts and individuals, providing financial and non-financial support to charitable projects, contributing to #orangechange.

we help countries and communities in responding to a fast-changing development landscape. we create new solutions, build collaboration platforms, and spark new partnerships and instruments for development. like this we boost progress towards 6 United Nations development goals with specific targets in mind:

many small people.

developing long term philanthropic strategies by focusing on cause work and root addressing.

orangechange foundation

joining the #orangechange movement, each PHILANTHROPISTA contributes a certain expertise, know-how or service to the collective, enabling us to benefit from a unique knowledge-pool and a number of cross-functional synergies. with a community, in which competencies are bundled together into strong bonds and partnerships, the PHILANTHROPISTA collective is able to ensure long-term and shared successes for the greater good and increase social impact.


- Frank Sinatra


orange is the happiest color. 




venture philanthrophy.

we match the soul of philanthropy with the spirit of investment to create social impact enabling a healthier and happier humankind.

1.2. THE SEAMSTRESS Bongeka.png
Goal 8 decent work and economic growth U
slow fashion


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sport academy


community  mentoring


help Bongeka realize her dream of supplying local kids with school uniforms made out of recycled fabrics and ocean plastic.

your donation supports soccer coach Siyabonga's vision of a value based sport & education academy and funds basic sport equipment.

local community workers can make knowledge & education accessible to all through digital approaches in newly built community spaces.

we strive to develop sustainable concepts. ideally our projects may in time generate funds that will sustain them. but for our organizational structure we will continue to depend on the goodwill of donors that will help us in our international work and ensure the sustainability and stability of all actions the PHILANTHROPISTA collective takes.

become a fundraising partner.

e-Mail us to find out about how to run your own fundraising campaign: office@orangechange.foundation

Raiffeisen Privat Bank


IBAN: AT88 3400 0000 0721 5387


we love to share. especially updates on projects we are currently developing and insights to current situations around the world. with every mail, we let you know how you as a private person or your company can be a part of it.

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